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Alone in the Hollow Garden & Nam Khar "Gyalwa Gyamtso" Digipack Edition

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This is the second full length collaboration between Alone In The Hollow

Garden & Nam-Khar manifests itself as a very personal meditation

fuelled by the ancestral tibetan & hindu spiritual magic.

The transcendental power of vibration and sound is exalted by the

presence of the ancient mantra chanting practice and is meant to

transcend the tamasic heaviness of the actual world, hollowed and

stripped by the most valuable aspect of all, the awareness and

realization of Oneself as a mirror of the Cosmos, Mother Nature and of

all living beings.

A large variety of ritual implements like tibetan bells, singing bowls,

rol-mo cymbals, damaru drums, kangling are merged together with other

traditional acoustic instruments like turkish saz, melodium, flutes,

seed shakers and with a few self made piezoelectric devices, analogue

synthesizers, drum machines and throat singing to create an unique

offering which will transport the listener into the realm of true ritual

musick, a meddicine for Body, Speech and Mind.

The secret of understanding the core of these ancient

teachings isn't the "religious" approach that is so often confounded

with the true spiritual path. All the deities present in the tibetan and

hindu sacred texts are not to be seen as external entities which can

influence and control our existence, but rather as archetypes and

dynamics of the human soul and mind that are existing in everyone of us

and that can assist us in our evolution. May "Gyalwa Gyamtso", The Ocean

of Infinite Awareness & Compassion, guide you on your path to


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