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Ashtoreth & Stratosphere "Between Worlds"

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The two Belgian artists Ashtoreth and Stratosphere combine musical

forces and present their new collaborative work 'Between Worlds', on our

Winter-Light label.

Seven finely woven pieces that ebb and flow between what we perceive to

be real and what we sense but cannot see. A transition from darkness to

light; a gradient of black to white. Slipping barely noticed between the

two. A blurred movement on the edge of our peripheral vision. A push of

air gently felt or a change of pressure within a room.

Sensed but never grasped, felt but never seen. A passing between two worlds.

Winter-Light welcomes Peter Verwimp (Ashtoreth) and Ronald Mariën

(Stratosphere) to our label. Both talented musicians who have

collaborated with some very fine artists and created some amazing work.

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