Corona Barathri "Diabolical Path [Part II]"

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This compilation contains the most significant works recorded for the section of the Dark Path 2017-2018.

Ama Ušumgal - Mother Dragon, new version of single

"Mummu Tiamat", recorded for This Is Darkness - Vol. 2 Dark Ambient (compilation) [USA].

Draco Abyssi, Serpens Initialis - exclusive version of single "Misterium Evigilationis Leviathan", Noctivagant [USA].

Shir HaMavet - instrumental version of the track from our first album, "Womb Ov Sheol", Noctivagant [USA].

Litania Antiquis (alt. version) - exclusive track in memory of H.P.

Lovecraft, recorded for the "In Tenebris Scriptus" (compilation), Eight

Tower Records [Italy].

Edax Sanctitatis - exclusive work for the New Risen Throne project [Italy].

Antimonium - track recorded for the Ouroboros project [Italy].

The Black Sunday - track recorded for Noctivagant Collective IV (compilation) [USA].

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