Ghost Empty "Asylum Beyond"

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In the empty isolated space, there is more than just the eyes can see. Therefore, sight is unnecessary. Without this sight, our other senses to connect with the residual energy in this place. I am taken deep inside my mind as the as the inner picture clearly unfolds - without our eyes only in mind. The energy gradually increases as breath becomes shallow, I am in this asylum beyond and locked in my mind. I was in control and now I am the patient as the outer silence is penetrated by the inner voices. I have welcomed this hypnosis and subtly summoned my isolation. This is Ghost Empty in this Asylum Beyond. I crave this space, this vibration and in this realm, I am the vessel and they are the sound…

Ghost Empty "Asylum Beyond" 5 tracks totaling over 55 minutes - dark isolation and haunting ambience

Limited edition 99 copies

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