Grёzoblazhenstvie & Maha Pralaya "The Skies At Our Feet"

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Grёzoblazhenstvie & Maha Pralaya "The Skies At Our Feet" limited edition CDR & DVD 49 copies

Change yourself in a cycle of puzzles. On the skin incisions small incisions-so have poisoned blood.
Mutations and transformations of consciousness. The background radiation of the dying world is off-scale.
Pulsation in the ears bursting Geiger Muller. Thousands of talking dolls-they mutter, monotonous spindle.
Rustling noise that tries to put to sleep and cause pleasant dreams of social security in the ruins of the world.
N is total ugliness beauty comes from the inside of the fire. He burns all delusions, leaving only ashes.
The clarity of the ashes and ice-makes you look back, stopping at the edge of the world of illusions.
About, as they Shine, as butterflies, which live exactly 3 days,
and even more beautiful and more painful parting with them - they such fleeting. Just here and now.
Where the past is a blood clot in the left hemisphere, transformations are irreversible.
Oh, how fascinating the void is in millimeters.
Step... We will all take a step-our short-lived body will lead us to the edge and push down.
Here is here and will open wings - those who survived their/the emergence of. Painfully-ringing.
All is born in throes of-all the that from of nature. Torment are born and are born, it makes sense.
To break yourself-to break the system of the world-a wonderful cell with silver bars…

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