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Hladna & ORD "Tunottauan"

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When the connection between the Earth and the Cosmos is established, the

balance is restored, the merging of reality and subtle worlds occurs,

the image of Tunnotauan appears, the symbol of duality, polarity,

harmony of the universe ...

Status Prod. presents a

collaborative album of Russian ethno - industrial projects Hladna and

Ord, recorded during a private session on July 28, 2017 and now, due to

the label, this record became available on CD.

The ritual

ethno-industrial noises and singing of Tibetan bowls, the tinkling of

the bells and the clatter of the shaman's tambourine, merge into a

single sound canvas, enveloping the whole, leaving in the depths of the

subconscious and causing unknown hitherto images ...


God Tunottauan came to Koloyar, the leader of project Hladna, during the

deep immersion into the subtle worlds, his image was reconstituted from

memory and used in the design of the album.

The album released

in a gate-fold format, made of design cardboard, with an attachment from

naturally aged material, circulated of 200,hand-numbered copies.

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