Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere "Sacred Quietus"Digipack Edition

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Twenty years in the experimental genre and creator of the Ritualistic

parts behind the entity called TEITANBLOOD,this extremely devoted

shadow-mind offered in the Ritual scene of the Underground many gems of

deep experiments in the dark sound....

From the moment LDRTFS emerged during the late 90’s, mystery has swirled

around; underground, obscure and apart from any musical community. A

rara avis that emerge again from the depths to bring us 'Sacred

quietus', a forgotten gem recorded a decade ago but never published

oficially until now; an effort of wondrous and significant artistic


Acoustic reverberations and harmonic drifting collide within this

monumental work of meditative sonic immersion. A reimagined

conceptualisation of sound-driven sacred antiphony that breaths dart

toward the ancient beliefs.

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