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Maha Pralaya "Bardo" limited edition 99 copies

Maha Pralaya Ψ महाप्रलय - "night of eternity", the time of the great dissolution of the universe. Family duo from Russia, named in honor of the complete destruction of the Universe at the end of the Great Cycle. The style (dark ambient/noise ritual) is called a post-apocalypse raga.

Field recordings of white noise generators, minor scales guitar electro-acoustic, drone-surge polyvox, rhythms of shamanic drum and sound vibrations of Tibetan bowls, harp and voice overtones of the experiments, the breath of flutes. chimes of harmony and - paint landscapes.

Bardo - the album is dedicated to the sacred knowledge hidden in the Tibetan book of the Dead - the Journey of the Soul after Death - starting during his lifetime.

~ Wandering in the Labyrinths of Illusions, in the Bardo worlds -

on the verge of Sleep and Reality, between Life and Death,

in the Infinite cycle of repetition, Souls lose memory ..,

but Knowledge is asleep. Inside - like Grain,

capable of germinating, destroying the veil of the Maya,

opening the Doors to Nibbana - Exit to Shining Emptiness ~ AUM ~

All songs wrote and recorded between June to August of 2017, in the Gandharva home studio of Maha Pralaya:

NaraDev- ritual instruments, guitar, bass

Devika Chandra - sound landscapes and vocals.

8 track - Maha Pralayafeat. Corona Barathri [AFFECTVS, Lamia Culta, Kein from the Sol Mortuus]

Designed by Maha Pralaya

Who are we? - shards of a broken mirror by accident the brilliance of the ineffable consciousness - darkly Sunny haze in contrast with the sheer illusion bottom glare - source Existing! The beast-bird tormented by the impossibility of earthly experience, grasp of the uniqueness of the cosmic ether of the Framework of life-death - Opening the boundaries of the unknown and highlighting this reality the Black Kali-Yuga the light flows his eternal eyes-searchlights Broadcast a sound in the mixture of horror and gratitude at the music attempt to restore the hierarchy of the spirit in this incredible and growing all the chaos Created by the rattle and roar overshadowed by the materiality - AUM !

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