Melek-Tha & Corona Barathri "Daimonic Apotheosis"

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My name is Lord Evil (my project is Melek-Tha, France) . I want to present you a new joint release with the Corona Barathri ... In the project involve Affectus, Lamia Culta , Kein, Melek-Tha and Deacon D .... This time, dark sorcerers from different countries united their efforts and created something truly devilishly beautiful and beating on the spot! Daemonic Apotheosis is coming on the American Noctivagant label in the spring of 2017 .... beware, lambs of god, for the Infernal Army rise! It will be a ritual sacrifice of man and god, light and life ... Spiritual warfare does not subside from ancient times to these days. Here is our message and the wicked Spirit. Listen to the voice of Darkness! Be steadfast, brothers and sisters, be worthy of your Father! Exorcise the sacred mud! BaalShahor, Demonic Hate in the Force, let it burn in your hearts! In Nomine Mali!

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