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NAX ARAK NAX: The Rites of the Black Dragon by Edgar Kerval (Limited Edition Hardcover with Ritual CD, and Mojo Bag)

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Limited edition hardcover of only 55 copies with ritual CD and mojo bag

The vessels of the black dragon,transmigrates the soul of the adept through the city of the pyramids, beyond thy light of power the self transformative path, opens to you the gateless gate to the mysteries of oracular labyrinth under the eye of the Red Gods…
by Edgar Kerval
An extended exposition of the path of the black dragon, whose mouth devours the adept to transcends the nightside labyrinths. Its sacred mysteries revealed in Kerval’s gnosis through the influx of diverse excitatory trance states, lucid dreaming and automatic sacred arte.
Table Content
The sacred Rite and Formulas of the Draconian Path
The Rite ov Purifyng Fire
Malat Atat
Atavisms ov The Forbidden Flame
Trimuli Ast Mur
Ceremonial Rite of shaitan- Lucifer
Mezax Vatir
the seventh Elixir
conjuratio ov purple shadow of N’g xmin
Ritual:Crossroads of fire ,The eternal eye opened
Rite of The Seal Ov the great dragon

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