Niculta "In The Woods"

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In the Woods, is about the journey of a man who is seeking for answers,
willingly to let go ego and transform into his real self. Contained are 5 tracks that make up this release:

Crystalin Poison: is about to start the journey by inhale the psychedelic dust,
wandering deeper into the moss, with the knowing of the forthcoming.

In the Woods : guides you deeper and deeper into the new and unseen discovering of the self.

Nowaja Derewnja : is the peak of the trip and the unfolding of everything past, present and future.

Odessa Waves: waves of understanding and knowing riding your new and rising self, satisfaction.

Tension de Noir : is the lasting of the psychedelic dust and the approach
to finally leave to old and welcome the new.

Nicultas first dark ambient album is about the psychedelic journey of the self,
ever deeper and deeper to discover in the woods. Limited edition 99 copies

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