Noctilucant "Bleak and Drained of Colour"

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Noctilucant "Bleak and Drained of Colour"
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Bleak and Drained of Colour
‘Bleak and Drained of Colour’ is the third full-length album from cinematic dark ambient
project, Noctilucant. Bleak continues exploring the post apocalyptic world that originally
started on ‘Back to the Mud’ and ‘Oblivion to you all,’ but this time around centers its
attention to a single protagonist.
On Bleak Noctilucant is joined by Scottish voice actor Matthew Donnachie (The
Jacobite Officer), and together they tell a tale of a man residing in his fallout shelter,
while he recalls events that led to his current predicament and his lost love, Emily...

‘Bleak and Drained of Colour’ is a single forty minute song broke into six different
All music wrote and performed by Noctilucant AKA Joseph Mlodik
All spoken dialogue performed by Matthew Donnachie
Words co-wrote by Noctilucant and Matthew Donnachie

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