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Noxaz Volume II ~ The Pylon of Fire (The Oracle of Seth)" hardcover

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Noxaz Volume II "The Pylon of Fire (The Oracle of Seth)"

NOXAZ is an anthology book that was forged with the unique purpose to explore in its most primal form the hidden chambers of the gnosis of the black serpent, as a key to the nightside visions and inner qliphothic process reached when the mind reaches back to the primigenian well of darkness. The awakening of Consciousness of each individual, the immortal seed of the will emerging from the fountains of forbidden wisdom. The primal current of the serpent planting its seed under the waters of kaos.

Featuring the works of: Lukasz Grochocki,
Laurie Pneumatikos,Cort Williams, Rev Bill Duvendack,
Arach Kybel, Asenath Mason, Kabultiloa Zamradiel,
Honguito Miel Solaris, Fr. Sunya 216, Leonard Dewar,
Humberto Maggi, Sean Woodward, Arturo Royal,
Tenebris Lvx Cultus, David S. Herrerias,
Kaela, Andrew Cummings
and Matt Baldwin-Ives

First Press edition of 60 copies

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