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Selo Vatra "Ret-Sevrah"

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Selo Vatra's second release "Ret-Sevrah"

Ret Sevrah

Fires light the paths through ancient memory
Behold the throne of the Underworld - the cursed Sidhe king
In deep night I awoke from death
Opening my eyes to a gleaming golden dawn
When once we flourished within the groves
Among antlered hooves so free
The Fey of the forest taught me their songs
As whispers of her name came to me
When the world was green, wild, untamed
I wed her, the Faerie Queen
An ancient love that brought me back
Before the world’s undoing
A golden sunrise held in my heart
Upon a jeweled throne of birch
And now to live behind your eyes
In a mist of dreams and magickal rebirth

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