Shibalba​/​Emme Ya ''Witchblood Emanations''

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“Let the practitioner imagine within himself the mystic union of the Ego

and Absolute. When the resulting nectar of ecstasy is emitted, let him

drink of it again and again. If this sexual ecstasy manifests itself

physically, let him imagine another’s body; he has that Sigil for just

such an emergency. Although this is not the primary purpose of the

exercise, he will find it exceedingly agreeable. After this astonishing

experience his passion is incomparable: there is nothing in the world he

will desire unless he wills. That is why people do not understand me.

The ecstasy in its emotion generates everything. Know it as the nectar

of life, the Syllabub61 of Sun and Moon. Verily he steals the fire from

heaven: the greatest act of bravery in the world.”

- Austin Osman Spare, Book of Pleasure

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