Shibalba "Psychostasis - Death Of Khat"

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Shibalba's music is saturated with the mysticism of the East. It's

richly detailed and multidimensional, while layered with chanting and

broadly defined elements of traditional ritual and shamanic music. Apart

from contemporary synths and guitar drones, the band makes use of bones

and skulls as percussion instruments, Tibetan horns, Tibetan singing

bowls, bone & horne trumpets, darbuka's (goblet drums) as well as

ceremonial bells and gongs.

The band is: Acherontas V.Priest (Acherontas), Karl NE/Nachzehrer (Nåstrond) and Aldra-Al-Melekh.

Their intention, in their own words, is to "guide the subconsious of the

individual to dream beyond the skin of matter & to dream in ecstasy

and exult".

Deep, meditative, dark trance/ambient/shamanic music.

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