Shivrag "Death Is The Road To Awe"

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Shivrag "Death Is The Road To Ave" limited edition 99 copies

7 ritual tracks spanning over 53 minutes will take you into the depths of the spirit,
where there is no way back...good luck, wanderer."

"It is impossible to go into the Darkness without inner Fire
- you would be blind for Darkness.
You will dread to go through Darkness without a Flame.
It is horrible to be in silence when you’ve lost your inner voice.
It is frightful to walk through solitude when within,
you are not complete.
No one can move forward in fire and sound,
when Light has crept in.
And that is worst of all.
The Darkness lives and breathes.
The melody of gloom is filled with tempting mystery,
when listening to it,
we explore the calmness and music of one's own heart."

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