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Umbrarum Tenebrae "Codex of the Dead" Digipack Edition

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"A new conjuring was summoned out from the shadows by the entity known as Umbrarum Tenebrae. Exploring deeper regions of the dark arts through necromantic soundscapes and cryptic ambiances that guides the listener through the very precipice of abysmal depths.
Suffocating and bleak, the five spells cast by this sorcerous work of Dark Ambient are crafted to obliterate all remnants of light and hope. Leaving only despair, endless darkness of the soul and death.
A monumental work that both hypnotizes and terrifies. Minimalist yet full in it's crafting of subtle layers and haunting sounds which perfectly blends into the soundtrack of nightmares and under-worldly terrors.
Truly, the music from the dead."
All music by evillair
Recorded at Dirgevows Studios St-Eustache, Quebec, Canada Summer 2020.

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