When The Moon Is In Her Second Quarter – Like dead leaves

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The deaf darkness of the chthonic forest gives birth to hitherto unseen

monsters and their moans, like dead leaves, are carried by the wind

between the skeletons of trees, as ancient as the Earth itself. Lost

souls sigh, wheeze,howl, revealing their essence , when the Moon is in

her second quarter...

Status Prod. presents new CD - album of the

anonymous ritual ambient / death industrial project When the Moon is in

her second quarter “Like dead leaves”.

Two nameless

hymns–rituals are dedicated to the memory of Yevgeniy Yufit, the founder

of the genre Necrorealism in cinema, painting and literature.

The record features guest appearance of Ord Err (ORD).


album was released in 200 hand-numbered copies, and is a pennant made

of brown designer cardboard with PAINT-IT-BLACK DESIGN, applied by

silk-screen printing on it, in silver color.

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