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O Culto do Fogo Negro "Cálice "

Limited edition 100 copies

This project combines former members from the Portuguese ritualistic, darkfolk, electronic and dark ambient project O Clube da Moca Vermelha, the experimental ritualistic project Babalith and the cosmic ambient project Nebullah. The result is a soundscape of mystery and occult electronic-folk melodies, with live high theatrical and ritualistic performances. Diana Consciência offers devotional and operatic lyricism, Eunice Correia and André Consciência the shamanic vocalizations, drums and keys, Pedro Romão flows as the transcending intelligence behind the machinery. Cálice is a compelling assemble of tones, voices, chants, percussions, drones and ambient textures which weaves sublime soundscapes that allure and entice the listener in an aural euphoria...


released May 11, 2021 Project members: André Consciência, Diana Consciência, Eunice Correia, Pedro Romão

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