by John Donovan Malley.

John Donovan Malley is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist based in the Pacific Northwest. This album brings together his first two eps (Echoes in a Cage & Songs for Comrades) into one full-length release. The album was written between March and August of 2020 and grounded in the feelings of isolation and desperation of that year. “In the spirit of Nurse with Wound, Psychic TV, and Coil. This project is great!”J.D. Pinkus (Butthole Surfers, Honky, Melvins) “An unsettling and abrasive work that is sure to make the listener uncomfortable in the best way possible."Simon Hawemann (Nightmarer, Total Dissonance Worship) John Donovan Malley performs all of the piano, synths, drones, percussion and sampling. The album includes guest performances from the following: Leila Abdul-Rauf (VASTUM, CARDINAL WYRM, HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE & IONOPHORE), Michael Alvarez (FLUB, ALTERBEAST & EQUIPOISE), Wes Harrison (THEORIES, SCIATICA & HEXXUS), Dawn Howard (TREES SPEAK, BLOOD AND DUST, TUKAHDUS, & THE INFERNO DOLL), Matt Jahn (ISDAL, INTO THE STORM), Marisa Kaye Janke (ISENDORAL & KIHALAS), Curtis Parker (WITCH RIPPER ), Eva Vonne (DEAD TO A DYING WORLD, SANS SOLEIL & SABBATH ASSEMBLY). Mixing of all tracks was completed by John Donovan Malley, with the exception of “Song for Harold” which was mixed by Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studio. Mastering of all tracks completed by Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studio.

Released February 27, 2021

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