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Vallée des Larmes & Catacombes de Paris "La Peste"

Limited edition 100 copies

Dark Ambient project "Vallée des Larmes" collaborate with a German Dark/Black Ambient act Catacombes de Paris. French Dark Ambient Dolorism is guest for one of the tracks. Artwork have been done by Holymane, a French artist. Music could be associate to Funeral Ritual, Dungeon Drone music, Black Ambient/Death Industrial & Sickness Medieval Martial Apocalyptic Folk with a noisy/filthy/LoFi touch sometime close to La Monte Young, Nurse With Wound or even ritual/dark ambient & dark folk influences like Aghast, Archon Satani, TMLHBAC, old Ordo Equilbrio, Raison d'Être, Rosa+Crux, MZ412 and all Nordvargr, Current93, Atrax Morgue, Zero Kama, Funeral Mantra, Megaptera, Shibalba and many others.... A musical jewel with loud creepy, medieval and sepulchral drones climates which illustrate the dark age of the black plague and old pandemic crisis ov Europa History.


released July 3, 2021

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